The Birth of the Cyber Quoting Network

Hong Kong Stock Market NET (HKSMN) is a new stock information service jointly provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Ltd, a subsidiary of PCCW and N2N-AFE (Hong Kong) Limited. With its rich content and wide-ranging functions, HKSMN is your best partner in the stock market.

HKSMN presents a clear picture of the Hong Kong stock market, supplying a comprehensive range of intelligence in one integrated environment. It is a powerful and innovative tool which can find, display and analyse the vast amount of information shaping the local marketplace. Its breadth of real-time data gives an instant awareness of price movements. A wealth of supporting historical and reference data, finely-tuned analytical tools and up-to-the-second news items allow you to react with confidence to these movements.

Covering the whole gamut of tasks associated with trading, including all real-time stocks quotes and derivatives from the Hong Kong Stock Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx), business introduction & financial statements of listed companies, world indices and real-time announcement and financial news from HKEx and etc, HKSMN makes it possible to compare scenarios and generate different investment strategies. Whatever your investment objective is, HKSMN helps you to identify market trends as they happen and construct a personal investment portfolio.

HKSMN makes use of Java applet technology. With a Microsoft browser (Java VM enabled) and an Internet connection, you can access the real-time market information instantly. All information in HKSMN is presented in a user-friendly and fully bilingual format.

Timeless Information

- All real-time stock quotes and derivatives (e.g. HSI future, option...etc) from HKEx.
- Full intraday real-time transaction log (with volume/price analysis) uncovers the distribution of traded price of specific stock.
- P/E, Yield, Premium/Discount, Gearing, P/Book, and other derived calculations of Call/Put/Basket warrants.
- World indices closely monitor the global market movement, 24 hours non-stop.
- Company fundamentals report the core business, corporate action and financial statements of listing companies.
- Real-time financial news from HKEx and that let users feel the market rhythm.
- gathers commentaries and recommendations contributed by market analysts from different banks and securities firms.
- Info Bar summarizes all quotes of local market indices.
- Warrant Summary gives a complete picture of all the warrants of an individual stock at a glance.

Wide-ranging functions

- Real-time Bid/Ask strength indicator gives you better a market sense of which direction an individual stock goes.
- Broker Search tells you what a specific broker is buying and selling, and at what price.
- Interactive historical charts with configurable technical analysis tools.
- Top rankings that sort stocks by various criteria on a real-time basis.
- Portfolio that creates up to 20 entries.
- Stock code quick search and stock look up.
- Limit setting and alerting.

Everything in its Place

Hong Kong Stock Market NET is designed by professionals, with particular focus on providing optimum ease and speed of use. It is where sophistication of function meets simplicity of format. With so much information available, it's vital to be able to have quick access.

Facts at Your Fingertips

As befits the market leader for local stock information on Internet, Hong Kong Stock Market NET furnishes a comprehensive range of the fast real-time prices and detailed information from the Hong Kong Stock Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) and different content providers, enabling you to keep track of developments as they happen and act as opportunities arise.

The screen layout of stock display looks very like the terminal you used in broker firms & bank halls. Buying and selling brokers can be toggled between numbers or names with just one click. If you want a more detailed breakdown of the trading situation of a specific stockbroker, the 'Broker Search' function tells you what is being bought and sold, and at what price.

Analysis that Adds Value

To get the full picture of trading activity on your favourite stock, Hong Kong Stock Market NET provides real-time transaction logs, which are summarised into a histogram analysis of price and volume that shows you the most traded price at a glance. In additional, the Bid/Ask strength indicator illustrates the market force and the trend of an individual stock position.

Visual presentation of figures is also offered by an integrated technical analysis package that allows you to chart the historic movement of individual stocks and indices, with a full range of indicators such as moving averages, RSI and MACD. This sophisticated function also includes a series of trend lines and grid lines to help you identify support and resistance levels.

For further analysis, real-time prices can be viewed against historical information in the 'Fundamental' function, which contains the vital statistics, corporate actions and a five-year financial history of all listed companies.

The Big Picture

Hong Kong Stock Market NET includes a wide variety of indicators on market sentiment. A 'Top Ranking' function provides real-time data on the hottest stocks being traded, according to different selection criteria.

Since the Hong Kong stock market does not operate in isolation, the package includes more than 20 real-time stock market indices worldwide, covering all the major Asian, European and American markets, to add an international dimension and keep you fully informed.

For those whose interests go beyond the Hong Kong equities market, HKSMN also presents quick and concise data on futures and options from HKEx.

Catch the Breaking News

In addition to all the comprehensive numeric information, HKSMN carries the full announcement feed from HKEx, bringing the latest news from the exchange and all listed companies. In addition, HKSMN carries Chinese financial news and market commentaries from All news stories are sorted by date and are kept for two weeks.

Play Your Own Game

Hong Kong Stock Market NET can act as an interface for you to construct a personal investment portfolio. Using the 'Portfolio' function, you can create up to 20 entries and closely monitor the balance of your investment combinations. The software records the trading summary and automatically updates it on a real-time basis, calculating not only profit and loss but also details such as commission fees.

With the 'Stock Selection' function, you can view stocks listed according to your own investment criteria and technical analysis indicators. With the 'Limit Alert' functions, you can set buying, selling and transaction limits for stocks or warrants that interest you and gives you a timely alert when they attain your criteria.